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Hi Dennis, thanks for meeting with me today. To start, why don’t you introduce yourself and talk about your role at Rendever.

Why hello. I’m Dennis Lally, CEO and one of the co-founders here at Rendever. My main responsibility is keeping the office from burning down but I also spend time working with our strategic partners, managing the finances and keeping the lights on.

Well, so far so good – no fires! What were you doing prior to Rendever?

Before starting Rendever, I spent my career working as a healthcare investment banker, which is a fancy way of saying I helped healthcare companies with business development, fundraising and M&A. After I left the corporate world of finance, I started the MBA program at MIT Sloan with a focus on entrepreneurship, which is where we all met.

What inspired you to start Rendever?

Shortly after meeting Reed at MIT, we started talking about the idea of bringing VR to seniors. Reed had personal experience with family members struggling with dementia and aging generally and knew there was an opportunity to use technology to help. We bought an Oculus development kit and after the seeing an 88-year old woman laugh and cry tears of joy when we put her in the headset, I knew this was what I wanted to do. Not only could I start a business, but I could have a big impact on peoples’ lives.

What excites you the most about VR technology?

What excites me most about VR is the ability to connect people like never before – both to the world and to each other.

Where do you predict this technology will be in 5 years?

In 5 years we will see VR transform many industries including real estate, manufacturing, education and healthcare. Haptic feedback, eye tracking and other ancillary components will drive more use cases and create unmatched human-computer interaction.

When you’re not in the office, what passions are you exploring?

Outside the office I love to travel, cook and spend time with my imaginary golden retriever, Roger, who will be made a reality when my fiancé caves. I’m in the market for a used guitar and am excited to add that to the list of hobbies.

I hear we’re all getting golden retrievers in the near future. Can’t wait! One last question – what’s your uber rating?

My Uber rating is a 4.68, which I’m not super proud of. Pretty sure my friends sabotage my rating whenever I offer to pay.

Yikes. Looks like we found a new Q2 goal for you.