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Christina, my now fiancé, and I have been through so much together – we have lived in 10 apartments in two cities, held seven jobs, and travelled across three continents in just the past five years. I wanted to do something special to propose to her – something that would represent the connection an engagement symbolizes, a bridge between our past together and the many decades to come. Our engagement is simply part of our life journey together and in the end, these past five years will make up only a small fraction of that journey.

At Rendever, we recently launched our reminiscence module that allows users to visit places from their past; we’ve helped older adults explore the neighborhoods they grew up in, the vacations they took with their loved ones and even places they’d only dreamt of visiting. This was the perfect way for me to propose to Christina – a virtual reality proposal!

The plan was to take her on a trip down memory lane, ending with me down on one knee in virtual reality; she would take off the headset to find me wearing the same outfit holding the ring as I was in VR. With Reed’s help, I captured the VR proposal on the Longfellow Bridge, overlooking the Boston skyline as the sun set. Using the Rendever web portal, I built our life story in virtual reality, starting from the moment we met at my sister’s apartment and the bar where we had our first kiss. I took her to our favorite restaurants, beaches and even to the suit tailor where we got scammed in Thailand (don’t get let that happen to you!).

She had no idea this was coming – she’d just gotten back from a month-long work trip in Mexico and since I’m busy finishing up my second year in graduate school (while running a Company), financially, proposing was probably not the best decision.

Nevertheless, on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, I asked her to help demo some of the new features we’d added to the Rendever platform. I secretly set up my iPhone, she put on the headset and away we went. It was all going swimmingly until I pulled out the ring to show to the camera. She heard me rustling around and thought, as I had done many times before, that I would try and scare her. Just as I was changing the VR experience to the proposal scene, she took off the headset. “Oh noooo,” I screamed, “You took it off too early.” In complete shock, she immediately put the headset back on, before taking it off again to hug me.

I guess I didn’t technically propose in virtual reality but that’s just a minor detail and was NOT part of the plan. I’m still not sure she actually ever said, “Yes,” but she’s been wearing the ring around and telling people we’re engaged.

I’m so excited to spend the rest of my life with her, creating more lasting memories for us to share with each other and those we love. What excites me about Rendever is the ability to help so many older adults to relive and cherish their memories and to help them create new and meaningful ones as well.