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Expanding Impact: Meet Betsy’s Family

Betsy’s [name has been changed for anonymity] parents have always loved to travel. Their work schedules and budget didn’t always allow for extensive travel, but after they raised their two daughters, they traveled as much as they could. 

Approximately 5 years ago, Betsy’s 70-year-old mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Since the diagnosis, she’s been deteriorating quickly and is now incontinent, unable to communicate and requires around-the-clock care. 

Betsy’s father is completely devoted to her and insists on caring for her in their home. Because of this determination and his unconditional love for her, his own life is essentially at a standstill. Most of his time is spent at home creating videos of trips that they wish they could have taken together. Occasionally he comments about places he wishes he could have seen but will most likely never get to go to. 

Betsy applied to Rendever’s Expanding Impact program on behalf of her parents. She wants them to be able to travel together virtually, from the comfort and safety of their own home. Upon reading the application, it was clear we could help.

During their first session, Betsy took her dad on a hot air balloon ride. He was overwhelmed, smiled the entire time, and thanked Betsy profusely. The family has started mapping out all of the adventures that they want to go on while they have Rendever. 

Stay tuned to hear more about their experience!  


Rendever’s Expanding Impact program just launched to help non-traditional customers enjoy the power of shared experience. Anyone can apply to receive a Rendever Experience Grant, giving them access to a short-term loan of our platform for any type of circumstances. Each quarter, we’ll review submissions and select deserving families to grant a rental to, with everything they need. If you’d like to apply, additional information and a short application form are available at

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