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It’s a date! Couple bonds and reconnects with Rendever

Suzanne applied and was accepted to Rendever’s Expanding Impact program on behalf of her mom. She quickly discovered that her dad was interested in using Rendever as well. This is their story…. 

Suzanne’s mother, Sophia, loved cooking her legendary Polish pierogies, gardening, and taking care of her family. Sophia and her husband have looked after each other for almost 60 years. Unfortunately, over the last couple of years Sophia has suffered from a series of strokes which has left her wheelchair bound and completely dependent on others.

With Rendever, they recently skipped the grueling 8 hour flight to Poland, and traveled as a couple to their hometowns. During the experience, they were able to reminisce with one another about memories in this special place. Sophia’s daughter, Suzanne, shared that they had an amazing time “exploring a variety of Rendever experiences together as a family!”

Nurturing and strengthening relationships, like this family, is at the heart of Rendever’s mission to reduce social isolation. If you know someone who would benefit from a Rendever Experience Grant, feel free to apply

Rendever’s Expanding Impact program was launched to help non-traditional customers enjoy the power of shared experience. Anyone can apply to receive a Rendever Experience Grant, giving them access to a short-term loan of our platform for any type of circumstances. Each quarter, we’ll review submissions and select deserving families to grant a rental to, with everything they need. If you’d like to apply, additional information and a short application form are available at

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