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St. Francis of Assisi go on heartfelt journey

Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi are using their Rendever system to take their nuns on a heartfelt journey back to their home country – China. Some of the sisters have not been back to China in over 30 years, and some have not seen their family in decades. In 1948, various groups of Chinese nuns, including Sister Leander, immigrated to the Motherhouse in St. Francis, Wisconsin.  

At 103 years old, Sr. Leander is St. Francis’ oldest resident. Kim, the Recreation Lead at Sisters of St. Francis Assisi, shares, “Sister Leander is very spiritual and probably the most endearing person that I have ever met!” She has reverted to mostly speaking her native language and Rendever is a way for other sisters, who do not speak her language, to continue to communicate with her through shared experiences. When Sr. Leander was immersed in Rendever’s Chinese New Year experience, She exclaimed, “Home, Home…how beautiful!” 

In addition to travel experiences, the sisters are using Rendever’s Search feature to experience a 360° image of their old convent that was recently torn down and rebuilt. The convent was roughly 180 years old and had been the home of some sisters since they were 14 years old. “It is a very emotional experience for some of them to see an image of the motherhouse standing.” 

The sisters have thoroughly enjoyed traveling, learning, reminiscing, and immersing themselves in a variety of Rendever experiences. “We are amazed how it has impacted our sisters. Rendever is a godsend!”

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