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The Land of Origins: Resident Takes Friends on a Trip to Ethiopia

A few months ago, Mandy Shadwick, a Life Enrichment Coordinator from Royal Oaks Lifecare Community asked one of their residents, Dan, if there was one place in the world that he would like to travel to and he exclaimed, “I want to go back to Ethiopia!” Dan lived and travelled in Ethiopia for three years and he fell in love with the country.

Mandy reached out to Rendever’s content team and requested an experience that would help transport Dan back to Ethiopia so that he could relive his memories of his previous home. Of course, we were more than happy to help and within a couple of weeks had created an educational guide that captured the country’s stunning national parks, elaborate churches, and fascinating ancient ruins.  

Mandy and Dan teamed up to lead a Rendever session for the rest of the Royal Oaks residents. Together, they journeyed to the Land of Origins. Mandy managed the control tablet and Dan was able to share stories from his personal experience. After the session, Mandy shared the positive impact that this had on Dan and his self esteem:

“It restored his zest for higher learning and a culture that is near and dear to him. It did so much for his esteem. He spoke with a confidence and clarity we haven’t heard out of him in months. His entire family was thrilled to hear about his experience. We all thank you!”

Rendever’s mission is to reduce social isolation within the senior population and hearing stories like this one is the very reason we do what we do. If your community is interested in delivering meaningful experiences like this please reach out HERE!

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