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Celebrating Activity Professionals Week | Stephanie S.

For our second Activity Professionals Week spotlight, we’re featuring Stephanie S.! Learn more about her amazing story below.

13 years ago, Stephanie S. made a significant career change after personal experience caring for her grandmother with Alzheimer’s. “I spent the last 3 months of her life with her, every single day for 8 hours a day. While she was sleeping I spent a lot of time with the other residents who were mostly watching television. I ended up engaging in activities with them and saw that it gave them so much joy. In return, it gave me joy.” 

Now as an official activities professional, Stephanie’s approach focuses on building confidence and a sense of fulfillment for residents. For example, when crafting or creating art, Stephanie reinforces the importance of “base work.” Later, she enhances each piece to create a final product. “The impact is that people realize they are fully capable of doing this thing, and they are blown away by the end result,” Stephanie shared. 

Throughout the challenges of 2020, priorities shifted and Stephanie spent much time connecting residents virtually to family members and hosting 1:1 or small group activities. She leaned on creativity and technology to support her residents. In fact, she explained that using Rendever’s platform “gave residents an opportunity to feel independent and do things that they couldn’t otherwise do anymore.”

We are so lucky to work with you, Stephanie! Your passion for this profession is tremendous, and the joy and dedication you demonstrate have no doubt inspired others to follow your lead. Thanks for all you do! 

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