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NEWS: MultiBrush by Rendever Now Available on SideQuest, Providing Artists with a Collaborative Tool in Virtual Reality

Rendever’s CTO, Tom Neumann, was the first to develop a working multiplayer form of Tilt Brush, all in an effort to connect community members together

We could not be more excited to announce that today, our team released MultiBrush – the first publicly available multiplayer version of Tilt Brush – on SideQuest (and coming soon to Oculus’s new App Lab).

When Google announced it was open sourcing Tilt Brush last week, our CTO Tom Neumann immediately went to work developing a multiplayer version of the popular app that gives creators a way to make art in virtual reality. Within 10 hours, our team developed a working prototype of multiplayer – a feature that has been eagerly requested by Tilt Brush users for years. Given our mission to improve health through social VR experiences, we were able to leverage our extensive expertise to develop this version in record time.

“At Rendever, bringing people together through VR has been at the heart of what we’ve done since day one. The first time I tried Tilt Brush, I was amazed by the level of creative freedom it offered. It felt like a whole new medium,” said Neumann. “It has a huge community, so naturally multiplayer has been one of the most requested features. When it was open sourced, we saw a perfect opportunity to dive in and make multiplayer a reality.”

As you may know, Rendever’s VR platform is used by senior living communities and healthcare organizations across North America and Australia to help reduce depression and loneliness by fostering personal connections through shared experiences. Now, MultiBrush by Rendever will open new doors for the communities we’re already serving. From RendeverLive™ sessions featuring VR artists to immersive art therapy, there are countless opportunities for the Rendever community and the Tilt Brush community to come together in the near future.

“Through VR, we see a world where social connection is easier than ever, even during times when we’re physically distanced,” continued Neumann. “Our hope is that through working hand-in-hand with creators, we can bring our senior living partners and their residents into the world of VR artistry.”

We also want to extend our gratitude to VR/AR artist Michelle Brown, who used MultiBrush to develop the landscape imagery in our new logo.

To download MultiBrush by Rendever on SideQuest, click here. For more information on Rendever, visit

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