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Celebrating Activity Professionals Week 2023 | Beth Ann Scruggs

Happy Activity Professionals Week! 

Activity professionals are amazing and deserve far more than a week of appreciation, so let's keep the ball rolling! Throughout this week, we’re spotlighting some of the exceptional Activity Professionals that we have the honor of working with and share some stories from the field that make these people so special. Stay tuned so you can get to know some of the individuals making an incredible impact on older adults living across North America!

In support of Activities Professionals week, today we honor Beth Ann Scruggs, Director of The Renew Montessori Center For Aging & Memory at Adult Enrichment Centers.

Adult Enrichment Centers offers a wide variety of Adult Day Programs with the mission of honoring a strength-based approach for all members. The Renew Center serves adults with Dementia, Alzheimer’s, or age-related cognitive delays.

Beth Ann is a champion for her members with an enthusiasm that shines through everything she does. In addition to her obvious personal passion, her professional career and doctoral education have been dedicated to the service of others. 

In Beth’s words:

“As a Montessori eldercare specialist, I have utilized my success theory research in creating a Montessori-style curriculum that empowers members to engage in self-directed, curiosity-led activities that honor agency and individual choice in a highly supportive environment. I maintain an intellectual curiosity and dedication to the work of creating impactful experiences.”

This positivity and advocacy drive Beth Ann to create programming to foster meaning, purposeful living, and independence. Beth Ann fights the stigma around Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and age-related cognitive delays. Her members are not treated as diagnoses- but as individuals with humanity and ability. 

Samantha Kriegshauser, CEO of Adult Enrichment Centers, describes how Rendever supports their mission: 

“We honor their [members] history and embrace their future, and using technology like Rendever allows that connection to their history to happen in a deeper way. We don’t just reminisce, we are able to go there through virtual reality and connect those memories in a very real way.”

It is such an honor to have a partner who is such a champion for her members! 

Beth Ann- thank you for changing lives every day! 

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