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Celebrating Activity Professionals Week 2023 | Dave Gillies

Happy Activity Professionals Week! 

Throughout this week, we’re spotlighting some of the exceptional Activity Professionals that we have the honor of working with and share some stories from the field that make these people so special. Stay tuned so you can get to know some of the individuals making an incredible impact on older adults living across North America! 

Today we honor Dave Gillies, Life Enrichment Director at Allendale Assisted Living!

A regular at RendeverLive™, Dave always makes sure our live sessions are delivered in a way residents can enjoy, and keeps them coming back for more! Always inspiring active participation, Dave and his group at Allendale Assisted Living always brighten each session with a “hello” in the chat box and amazing stories during RendeverLive™ Q & A sessions. 

As Dave says: “I feel fortunate and grateful to work for an organization that supports Life Enrichment with state-of-the-art tools, like Rendever - we all want more facilities to model that mindset.”  

We feel equally as fortunate that Dave and the residents at Allendale Assisted Living choose to share their life experiences with the Rendever family, and we are lucky to have them help shape the beautiful culture and connections for Rendever’s community. 

Dave G. Allendale Senior Living. Rendever Live.

No doubt, Dave would say that Activities and Life Enrichment is all about sharing experiences with friends, loved ones, and colleagues in a way that promotes each individual living to their full potential. As such, Dave puts an emphasis on understanding each individual’s personal history, needs, and challenges by tapping into their interests and passions and using Rendever to provide experiences that take great care to reflect their personal choices and preferences. 

Dave exemplifies care, consideration, and passion in his role and everything he does. Through his efforts, Dave is changing lives each and every day. 

We’re so lucky to partner with you, Dave! Thank you for everything you do! 

Just read how Dave summarizes his approach to life enrichment: 

“Life Enrichment or “Activities” is a profession. It’s also an art and a vocation. Paradoxically, by losing yourself in service to others, you find yourself personally enriched beyond all measure. The opportunities for kindness, compassion, a sympathetic ear, conversation, laughter, and song are ever present. We’re rewarded by meaningful connections, greater resident trust, renewed or increased confidence, stronger engagement, calmer souls, energized bodies and spirits, sparkling eyes, broader smiles, a stronger sense of well-being. We’ve made a difference in the life of someone who could just as well be our own mom, dad, aunt, uncle, family member or friend. It’s wondrous work. We all age. We aim to help individuals do so with grace, dignity, and a continued love of life. The older I get, the more my values have found a central place in my career choice.”

Rendever Photo 2. Dave with residents. Pumpkin Farm.

Dave with Cosmo and Marta


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