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Celebrating Activity Professionals Week 2023 | Maria Omana

Happy Activity Professionals Week! 

Throughout this week, we’re spotlighting some of the exceptional Activity Professionals that we have the honor of working with and share some stories from the field that make these people so special. Stay tuned so you can get to know some of the individuals making an incredible impact on older adults living across North America!

In support of Activities Professionals week, today we honor Maria Omana, Wellness Program Specialist of AgeWell Solvere Senior Living. Yesterday we honored Dawn Lettau from the AgeWell Solvere community at The Mansions at Gwinnett Park. AgeWell Solvere has such an amazing team, we couldn’t help but showcase another one of their outstanding Activities Professionals! 

At AgeWell Solvere, team members live by the tenets of SALUS and VALEO- to be well and to thrive. Maria embodies this philosophy - her work is rooted in maintaining the physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual health of residents while respecting the autonomy of residents and fostering purposeful living. 

Maria’s fiery passion for serving older adults shines through everything she does, as is evident in the following quote: “I landed in a gold mine of fun possibilities when I was introduced to become director of programming almost three years ago. I combined my knowledge of people and psychology with my desire for "ultimate fun". I am always looking forward to an insightful conversation about "extreme fun and a good challenge" with a cup of café in my hand. Working with the elderly is incredible and I learn so much about life through them.” 

Maria has worked hard with her team to deploy Rendever in AgeWell Solvere’s The Mansions Communities in the Atlanta, Georgia market, so residents are empowered to have experiences that would no longer be possible. Now, these three communities can benefit from all Rendever has to offer! 

Maria described being part of the Rendever family as such: 

“When Rendever was introduced to our communities, it was like opening a door of magic and wonder for each resident. The journey of virtual reality is mind-blowing and each time the residents see the goggles they smile and clap!!! IT HAS BROUGHT JOY AND EXCITEMENT!!!

Maria, her team, and her residents bring joy to all of us in the Rendever Community, too.

From all of us here at Rendever: Maria - thank you for your inspiring positivity and dedication! You’re truly a leader in the field!

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