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Celebrating Activity Professionals Week 2022 | Jen Soss

Happy National Activity Professionals Week!

Today, we celebrate Jen Soss!

We hope you're having a fantastic week! We love working with activity professionals in this industry, and today we're proudly spotlighting Jen Soss, the Senior Escapades Producer at Brandywine Living at Alexandria.

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Jen makes a difference in so many ways, but what makes her particularly special is that everything she delivers is rooted in bringing joy to her residents. Whether it’s coming up with a creative activity that her residents have never seen before or fulfilling additional responsibilities to stay engaged with residents’ families, Jen is consistently bringing joy to her community.

As a Senior Escapades Producer at Brandywine Living, her leadership is felt across her entire organization. One of our favorite examples of how Jen’s leadership leads to impact in her community is how she uses Rendever to take her residents to the museums and sites they long to visit and revisit. We admittedly might be biased, but listen to her talk about it:

"One of my favorite parts of delivering Rendever experiences is when I take my residents to a place where they know facts and anecdotes about the location before I can explain it to them. They constantly surprise and inspire me with their knowledge. I have an incredible group of residents in Alexandria who have traveled all over the world, and it brings me such joy to help them go back to places where they have such fond memories. Or to create new ones! We've been able to visit and revisit museums and historical sites worldwide! In one example, we visited a museum in Kenya, and one resident lit up while telling her daughter that we got to visit Kenya, where the family lived for three years while working for the American Foreign Services. I have another resident who is a lifelong artist who lived in NYC. Since we live in Virginia, we aren't able to go up there very often. During one of our New York museum programs, my resident took the lead and started to fully describe the art and architecture in almost every slide. I was so proud of her and loved learning from her! Just because I'm the one leading the program doesn't mean I know all the information. It's a fun day when the explanations can be shared.

 With having to say no to many things during COVID, I'm so happy when I can say yes and take my residents to such incredible places."

Jen, thank you for the approach you take and all that you do for your residents! We're proud to have you as a member of our community and look forward to creating more magical moments together. 

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