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Celebrating Activity Professionals Week 2022 | Lucie Jackson

Happy National Activity Professionals Week!

Today, we celebrate Lucie Jackson!

Lucie Jackson is the incredible Recreation Aid at Revera's Glenwarren Lodge. She's one of the most active members of our community, and has been known to make our whole team cry on occasion (in a good way!) through her connection with her residents.

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We've worked with Lucie for years, and her infectious energy is something that gets our team excited every time we jump on the phone with her. There's no doubt that the success of her community is due to the energy that she brings to her work and her residents. We see it almost every day in RendeverLive™, and that transcends up to her team at Revera, who knows how special she is. On a recent call with Krista Griffin, National Director of Lived Experiences & Service Excellence at Revera, we mentioned our plan to highlight Lucie and - being all too familiar with the positive impact Lucie has on her residents - she jumped at the chance to add a special note of appreciation:

"My appreciation and gratitude, Lucie, for your dedication to bringing innovative programming to Glenwarren Lodge and to the entire team’s commitment to improving the lived experiences of your residents."

~ Krista Griffin, National Director of Lived Experiences & Service Excellence

We couldn't agree more! A regular participant in RendeverLive™, Lucie always makes sure our live sessions are delivered in a way that engages residents and gives them memories to share with family and friends. We see Lucie and her team join us almost every day, and Lucie always makes sure that her residents are active participants who use the chat feature to connect with other RendeverLive™ participants from across North America. Thanks to her hard work, our team has the opportunity to chat and interact with the residents at Glenwarren Lodge, and generate stories like this:

“One of our residents attends the RendeverLive™ sessions as often as he can, especially Trivia. During one of his experiences, he shared that he met Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton when the two were shooting a movie in Mexico. He also enjoys showing off his extensive knowledge of marine biology, especially whales. Your RendeverLive™ host mentions our resident regularly when these names or topics come up, and we wanted to let you know the personalized comments have had a very positive impact on his life.

From the bottom of our hearts, we want to extend a heartfelt thank you to the host from all of us at Glenwarren Lodge. Your team at Rendever is what sets you apart from other companies, it’s what gives Rendever that extra push…You are so much more than the technology."

Lucie, we thank you for making sure your residents don’t miss a single RendeverLive™ activity and allowing us to connect with them in a way that brings about these positive shared experiences.

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