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Celebrating Activity Professionals Week 2022 | Luna Ramirez

Happy National Activity Professionals Week!

Today, we celebrate Luna Ramirez!

We hope you're having a fantastic week! We love working with activity professionals in this industry, and today we're proudly spotlighting Luna Ramirez, the Traditions Activity Director at Oakmont of East Sacramento.

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When Covid hit her community hard, Luna hit back just a little bit harder. Luna saw an opportunity from within the fog of a global pandemic and took it upon herself to engage family members using Rendever’s family portal - a direct effort to mitigate the loneliness and isolation that came along with the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Thanks to efforts led by Luna and her team, family members of her residents followed her lead and used Rendever to upload personal photos and videos so residents could still feel connected to their loved ones, despite the walls put up by Covid. Thanks to her hard work, many residents maintained connections to their families in ways that otherwise would have been impossible. Luna brought bright days to otherwise dark times. She turned sadness into happiness. She brought families closer together. She's incredible, and it's been amazing to see how she uses each of Rendever's tools to make meaningful impact. Her residents are some of the most active members of our RendeverLive™ community, and we love interacting with them each week. As Luna puts it:

“When a resident puts on a headset, their initial response is disbelief that they are wrapped up in a new experience, they move their head and hands freely to explore further. Our seniors enjoy the virtual reality experience - their facial expressions show their engagement and interest in this new reality.

New conversations are initiated by residents and staff when they see familiar places and people through the RendeverLive™ Programs. Reminiscing is a very important aspect for our seniors and we appreciate how the RendeverLive™ programs spark engagement with these important topics.”

At Rendever, we celebrate Luna’s compassion especially because we feel the love she has for her job and find it inspiring. Her team has been one of the most active members of the RendeverLive™ community, and we believe she has set a stellar example for how to engage residents both meaningfully and consistently. Thank you for being you, Luna.

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