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Rendever Announces New Content Partnership with Muse

Rendever, the leading virtual reality (VR) platform for seniors, announces a new partnership with Interaxon Inc. the developer of Muse®, the brain sensing headband the popular immersive EEG meditation device and mindfulness app, helping to expand the meditation library available to seniors and senior living staff. Muse’s programming will be combined with immersive video on Rendever’s Breathe application, where users can then create custom meditation sessions and choose relaxing VR environments - including an opportunity to meditate on the surface of the moon.

“Mental health and wellness have always been at the forefront of our mission and this partnership with Muse is another step forward in the expansion of our platform’s programming to focus more holistically on mental health,” said Kyle Rand, CEO of Rendever. “Growing our meditation offerings, developing more immersive solutions to combat social isolation, and promoting healthy senior lives is what we are committed to at Rendever.”

Through Muse, Rendever’s programming has expanded to include a host of additional content titles, most of which aim to bring users feelings of joy, gratitude and peace. Guest meditation leaders include Chrissy Carter, Melli O’Brien, Bart Van Melik, Elisha Goldstein and Chodo Campbell.

“At Muse, our goal is to create meditation content that lowers stress, increases resilience, and improves engagement", said Patricia Karpas, Head of Content at Muse. “We’re inspired by Rendever’s mission to reduce social isolation and improve mental health with a focus on an underserved community – older adults. Their passion to make a meaningful difference led to this collaboration.” 

Promoting holistic wellness is core to Rendever’s mission of eliminating social isolation by using the power of virtual reality to promote shared experiences. This content partnership is the latest in a series of mental health initiatives Rendever has begun offering its customers. In May, Rendever began providing live meditation sessions, which are still continuing on a weekly basis.

Senior living communities can sign up for Rendever’s meditation, chair yoga and laughter yoga classes here. Visit to learn more.

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