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Why Rendever’s approach to programming is a home run for your team

In today’s digital world, there is an endless supply of content to consume. On the surface, that may sound exciting, but get started and you’ll quickly find yourself overwhelmed and swimming through a sea of materials that don’t truly resonate with your residents. Planning a thorough, balanced, exciting activity calendar takes time and effort – and you already have plenty on your plate. When considering a programming partner, you need to be confident that they’re going to alleviate stress so you can focus on actually delivering the best experiences possible with your most enthusiastic energy. 

At Rendever, our guiding principle is that the foundation of all human connection is shared positive experience. This is core to everything we do, and why we’ve been so successful with our community partnerships over the years. The data proves it – in a study done with MIT AgeLab and Benchmark Senior Living, residents who shared in group Rendever sessions on a daily basis saw statistically significant improvements in measures of their social health, especially in feelings of trust, and depression scores decreased significantly across the board.

This all boils down to the fact that Rendever sessions are social. A resident who attends a Rendever session does so for two reasons. 

  1. They’re excited about the experiences within the session
  2. They tell other residents about the sessions so they can join and experience together

At Rendever, we also understand that every community is different and has its own personality, because every resident is unique and has their own interests. This is where our extensive library assists in making sure every community has experiences catered to the passions, pursuits, and favorite pastimes of the residents that live within. 

That’s why the actual experiences are so important, and why we’re releasing new experiences to the platform every week. These range from tours of cultural institutions to taking a music-driven trip down memory lane, and can be far-reaching as immersive guides that help residents think through their own new year resolutions.

Rendever’s approach to programming is centered around two key goals:

  1. Provide fulfilling, joyful experiences that senior living residents will love (oh and did we mention, everything can be experienced in VR?)
  2. Reduce the burden on activities professionals so that they can focus the most important aspects of their job – spending quality time with residents 

With these goals in mind, our team works tirelessly to be an extension of your team. How exactly do we do that?

  • All Rendever experiences are crafted by experts with extensive caregiving, senior living, and life enrichment experience, so you can feel confident they will resonate with your residents
  • The Rendever library is the largest in the industry, and continues to grow every single week
  • It’s more than just passively watching content – we’ve developed a frictionless delivery approach, with guidance and prompts to assist you in creating an engaging, social experience
  • Several times a week, you can join 300+ other communities for our RendeverLive™ sessions, where we deliver an expert-guided tour while you sit back and enjoy, laugh, and participate in inter-community discussions while competing to see who can answer the most trivia questions correctly
  • We provide the technical infrastructure to make sure you never have to lift a finger! Any and all updates happen behind the scenes, so you don’t need to worry about pushing any buttons or installing new software

On top of that, you have your own personalized programming calendar full of perfectly crafted sessions for your residents, we host a monthly all-community meeting in which we overview our newest features, celebrate our most active communities, and give an open forum for ideas and requests for the coming months.

Needless to say, with everything going on in your community, the only way a partner should act is with this level of proactivity. Everything we do at Rendever is designed to let you focus on delivering magical experiences that help you and your residents thrive, and we can’t wait to hear your stories. Catch a glimpse of the stories we’ve collected recently here.


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