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Bringing Mental Health Programming to Senior Living Communities Everywhere with RendeverLive™

Since day one, our mission at Rendever has stayed true: we believe it’s our calling to reduce social isolation through the power of shared experiences. Virtual reality has always been our preferred tool – it’s inherently engaging, captivating, and full of endless opportunities. We’ve assembled an incredible team, and have built the most dynamic and accessible enterprise VR platform on the market (resident engagement, healthcare, real estate, cloud control, MDM, custom content…VR friends, happy to walk you through it). 

Through years of high-touch community engagement, constant feedback, and rapid iterations….I’m firmly confident that we have the best VR solution available. More importantly, our plans for the future of VR are so exciting that I’m spending my free weekends learning development so I can contribute more directly to our product roadmap (one can hope!).

Today, I’m excited to announce that we’re expanding our offering beyond VR, to enable communities everywhere to benefit from the Rendever approach without requiring the use of headsets.

RendeverLive™ – our flagship live programming solution launched in the midst of the pandemic – is now officially available on all of your devices.

This decision is timed to perfectly align with our acknowledgement and celebration of Mental Health Awareness Month (May). Our industry has faced tremendous stress, and staff have been burdened beyond belief. We‘ve spent the past year shifting focus in our service model to become more than a tool, and serve as your activities staff’s best friend.

Today, we’re officially doubling down on this approach, and offering free mental health programming every single weekday for the month of May. This is offered in addition to our existing five-star live programming sessions that happen twice a week, and is just a taste of what we have in store for the future.

Want to learn more? Sign your community up for free access here:


We’re excited to bring the inspiring wellness coach, Samantha Sebastian, to residents and staff everywhere. Please enjoy a brief introduction to her below. Stay tuned, we have more instructors to announce soon!


Full disclosure for new partners: this is only one component of the Rendever platform. To gain access to everything we have to offer (weekly experience updates, family portal, life review tools, reminiscence therapy, virtual snoezelin rooms, intergenerational programming, remote communication tools, the list goes on…), you’ll need the full Rendever system. 

Second disclosure: this is only part one of our platform expansion. Watch this space, and get excited for the upcoming Argentum conference. 🙂

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