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Leadership Spotlight: Nick Abruzzo

Today, we’re celebrating the birthday of our amazing teammate, Nick Abruzzo. As one of our earliest employees, a long-standing leadership team members, and one of the most dedicated professionals we know, we wanted to honor him with some Rendever love from his close teammates. 

Early on in his professional life, Nick realized what motivated him most was the ability to improve the lives of others. This drive is what first pushed him to medical sales and later to his sales role at GoNoodle, where he worked with clients to improve the lives of children and teachers through online movement activities and games played in school. After moving to Boston Nick put his focus on finding another mission-driven company, and upon meeting Rendever, Nick knew he had found his new home.

Nick - thank you for being such a wonderful force of good in the industry, and building partnerships that we can all be proud of! 

"To work with and for someone who supports and cares about me as a person like Nick does, he’s set the bar really high for what a leader looks like. His passionfor our mission at Rendever and supporting the entire team in any way he can is apparent every single day. He has been a huge reason for my professional growth, and his feedback how one can get better is not only necessary, but always so appreciated. If you listen to the way Nick asks questions, you can tell how thoughtful he is. I’m forever grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to work so close with Nick, and continue to look forward learning all I can from him."

-Jake Pechauer

“Working with Nick is a great combination of humor and excellence. He works daily to make the sales team better with his advice, patience and expectation of greatness. He makes me want to be better and work harder every single day. I have never had a boss that gave me a nickname for deals I close. He makes work more fun.”

-Abbe Wingem

"Nick, working with you continues to be one of the great perks of the job. You’re one of the most hardworking and dedicated people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. You are thoughtful, kind, and unwavering in your commitment to helping everybody be their best self. Thank you for always being a great colleague, friend, and advisor."

-David Stoller


"Over the past 2 months, I’ve gotten to know Nick as wise, hardworking and trustworthy. He always has an answer to questions and is ready to lead at a moment’s notice. I’m also very excited for his new chapter with Leigh Anne, Jackson and Corbet. Here's to another great year!"

-Zackary Tiedeman


"To me Nick is the dream boss. He’s reliable, relatable, he’s team first, and he’s always real (he also knows how to make me laugh as well which is a huge plus). I think a great leader is someone who leads from the front and Nick lives that every single day. 

A little lesson I’ve learned from working with him is that if you’re at the horse track and you see a horse named Nick, you bet on it. That Nick square in Roulette, that’s where you put your chips. You’re playing poker and you’re showing pocket Nicks, all in. 

He’s someone who has been there, done that, and is going back for more and I’m proud to go with him."

-Ben Vaigneur

Wow - talk about influence! If you haven't gotten to speak to Nick about his passion, his purpose, the things that drive him, and how that all plays together at Rendever - we encourage you to have a conversation with him at an upcoming event, or while sipping over a well-made virtual cortado.

Here’s to you Nick! We're all so thankful to work with you, and are celebrating you, your positive influence, and your mission-driven leadership today! 

-Kyle and the Rendever team


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