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Passport Travels with Aspired Living, Prospect Heights

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Next stop, Ireland! 

With limited mobility, seniors often feel confined to the space around them and don’t have the opportunity to delve into areas of passion or interest, and of course, travel. The lack of opportunities to pursue these passions often leads to feelings of loneliness, isolation, and depression. However, there are solutions available today that help mitigates these feelings.

Today, newly emerging technology is granting individuals the ability to follow their passion for travel, explore new frontiers, and revisit places that hold fruitful memories. In particular, Age-tech is focused on leveraging the power of technology to improve the aging process. 

For us at Rendever, one of TIME Magazine’s top 100 companies of 2022, we are using virtual reality technology to overcome social isolation through the power of virtual reality and shared positive experiences.  Thanks to the partnerships that allow us to reach those who stand to benefit most from our technology, our tech is making a difference to thousands of older adults all over North America.

One of those partners is the team at Aspired Living of Prospect Heights.

Led by Katie Schumacher, this team has been a strong partner since the beginning of 2019 and delivered exceptional travel, reminiscence, and interactive engagement to many of the residents of this community. John Thissen is one of the residents who is a “frequent flyer” with Rendever’s virtual reality experiences. John has been using Rendever for six months, a period that has allowed John and his wife, Shelia, use Rendever to travel all over the world; especially to one of their favorite destinations: Ireland. The beautiful country happens to be where Sheila's family is from, so the destination holds great meaning to John and Sheila. 

As with so many older adults, when John and Sheila moved into Aspired Living of Prospect Heights, the thought of returning to Ireland became seemingly unachievable. But, thanks to Rendever, John and Sheila can revisit this special destination over and over again - thus returning to a place that remains central to their emotional wellbeing. What makes their experience so special? Thanks to the power of virtual reality, they become fully immersed in the experience and can reminisce about moments they had previously forgotten.

One of John and Sheila's favorite places in Ireland is Galway, a place they remembered as a gorgeous city that was beyond anything else they have seen. However, by the third time they visited a lot had changed— it transitioned from a quaint quiet town to a bustling city. Our jet-setters John and Sheila have visited many corners of the world, and with Rendever, their traveling hasn’t ended! The limitless opportunities to explore, reminisce, and be fully immersed in meaningful experiences continue to brighten their days and enrich their lives.

Where should they travel to next?

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