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RendeverFit™ Named to TIME Best Inventions List 2022!

RendeverFit™ was just honored on the TIME Best Inventions List. This marks 2 years in a row where our latest aging-focused innovation has been honored on this list.

RendeverFit Time Best Inventions 2022


Startups and innovation go hand in hand. When we started to commercialize our core platform, we were facing an industry that wasn’t ready to buy into innovation, and I think this largely stemmed from a widely held societal belief that “seniors” and “innovation” didn’t belong in the same sentence. 

Clearly - and excitingly - that has changed. The industry is ready to embrace technology, especially when it drives positive impact. More broadly, I believe the world is ready. Aging is a core part of the human experience, and it’s a part marked by decades of life (it’s not a single chapter). With all that time, there’s so much opportunity, and as product designers, developers, and humans who care: that’s where we get to come in.

The aging process should involve so much more than healthcare navigation and care coordination. Older adults are looking for a continuation of their lifestyle, no matter where they choose to age. That means the products we're building should respect and support the full meaning of life, from financial health to physical health, with a strong social network acting as the core connecting element. When we build with this in mind, our products are naturally better and our implementations are far more exciting, which makes the work so much more rewarding. Ask anyone on our team!

As a society, we need to be building for this future that’s on the horizon for each of us: one where we’re getting older and embracing new ways to thrive.

RendeverFit™ is the latest (and perhaps most fun) product coming from our team as we work together with some amazing industry partners to build this future. The TIME recognition is exciting, the fact that it’s our second honor on this renowned list is exhilarating, and most of all: the fact that society is leaning into a better aging process is motivating beyond all belief.

As we love to say at Rendever: we’re making magic happen. I hope you join us in what’s coming next.

- Kyle

To learn more about RendeverFit™ and schedule a demo, click here.

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