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Biking Across the Golden Gate Bridge with Expanding Impact

For three years, Juan Carlos has been a dedicated primary caregiver to his mother, who has dementia and recently underwent major heart surgery. Juan Carlos reached out to Rendever’s Expanding Impact Program and...

Rendever Releases ‘The Connection Corner’ as Part of Comprehensive COVID-19 Response Plan

Today, Rendever announced the launch of a new interactive virtual reality application called the Connection Corner. The Connection Corner allows residents in senior living communities to come together and socialize with...

A Joy Ride with Rendever

Bob had always had an affinity and love for race cars. So much so, that his family pooled their money together to gift him an Indy driving experience. Unfortunately, the weather prevented him from being able to take to...

It’s a date! Couple bonds and reconnects with Rendever

Suzanne applied and was accepted to Rendever’s Expanding Impact program on behalf of her mom. She quickly discovered that her dad was interested in using Rendever as well. This is their story…. 

St. Francis of Assisi go on heartfelt journey

Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi are using their Rendever system to take their nuns on a heartfelt journey back to their home country – China. Some of the sisters have not been back to China in over 30 years, and some...

Expanding Impact: Meet Betsy’s Family

Betsy’s [name has been changed for anonymity] parents have always loved to travel. Their work schedules and budget didn’t always allow for extensive travel, but after they raised their two daughters, they traveled as...

Magnolia Bakery teams up with Rendever to bring sweet Valentine’s Day surprise to seniors

Rendever, a virtual reality company focused on reducing social isolation and depression amongst the senior population, teamed up with Magnolia Bakery to bring an unforgettable Valentine’s Day experience to the Stone...

NIH Grant to Study VR-based Virtual Family Engagement

Expanding Impact

It all started with a mermaid and a phone call. 

Update from our CEO

Hi all – Kyle here! If you know me or have been following Rendever, you know that silence is rare. The past two months have been the busiest and maybe the most exciting in Rendever’s history. Here are the sparknotes:

Virtual Reality Company Rendever Making Jump to In-Home Care

Rendever was recently featured in an article on Home Health Care News, discussing our increasing efforts in home care alongside partners like Continuum Hospice. Read the original here.

Local seniors experience Patriots Super Bowl parade through virtual reality

Rendever was recently featured in an article on the Patriots blog, following an exciting collaboration with the Patriots, the City of Boston, MassChallenge HealthTech, and Benchmark Senior Living. Read the original here.